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Dear Friends,
The Lenape Valley Lacrosse Club was formed in the summer of 2006 with a strong desire to bring the exciting game of lacrosse to the Lenape Valley area. The organization was formed by a group of people who share a passion and respect for one of the oldest games in America. The clubs mission is to develop boys and girls self esteem, promote personal growth, as well as responsibility and a sense of good sportsmanship in a nurturing environment as they learn the game of lacrosse.
The club will operate a youth division for boys and girls from Stanhope, Netcong, and Byram in grades 2nd through 8 as well as a high school program available to both boys and girls at Lenape Valley High School. It is our desire to help these youths and high school players develop to the point of rewarding college level opportunities with a focus on academics as well as performance based achievement. Lacrosse offers great scholarship opportunities for many boys and girls every year, and with the Lenape Valley Lacrosse Club, we hope to be a major part of placing our athletes in a better position for higher education.

As a thriving business in our local community, we are reaching out to offer you the opportunity to advertise on our annual banner to be displayed at the entrance of Indians Field. Each ad slot will get the company’s name displayed on a banner that will be seen by many community members for many years. There are no reoccurring charges and the banner will be displayed at the entrance to the field. Please share our enthusiasm as a proud contributor to the Lenape Valley Lacrosse Club; non-profit organization.

Thank you in advance for your support, the boys and girls as well as the parents and coaches appreciate the opportunity you are awarding these athletes.

With Gratitude,
Chris Cartwright and Gigi Shannon,
Lenape Valley Lacrosse Club

Lenape Valley Lacrosse Club; Non-Profit Organization, Tax ID Number 20-8185458

Please make checks payable to the Lenape Valley Lacrosse Club

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Lenape Valley Lacrosse Club, 52 Brookwood Drive, Stanhope, N.J. 07874